Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2nd Trimester

Well, here I am. 13 1/2 weeks pregnant now.  I have been sick.  I was not sick with my first pregnancy, sick for a few weeks with my second, and now I've been sick for 2 months straight with this one.  I am nauseous constantly.  It's not fun.  Worth it, but not fun.  When I first found out I was pregnant I set out to be healthy by working out consistently and eating healthy.  Um...yeah, that hasn't happened.  Nothing sounds good to eat, so I end up eating whatever sounds good, whether that's a salad or a Jimmy John's sandwich.  I haven't gained a whole lot of weight so far, about 4 pounds, but boy do I ever look like I've gained weight.  I guess the third time around you just get bigger faster.  By 8 weeks I could not wear my regular pants anymore, so I became very close with my yoga pants. ;)  This is upsetting me more than I thought it would.  I had imagined myself being tiny this time around (something I wasn't with my 2 previous pregnancies) and that is just not happening.  So, I've been a bit down about it.  I'm trying to stay up beat and remind myself that there is a tiny human growing inside me (I mean....whoa) and just keep telling myself I will gain weight.  I have been having a hard time with comparing myself to others because I have a few friends who are all due around the same time as me and they are so tiny.  This is something I just cannot allow myself to do.  I need to put a stop this time immediately because comparing myself to others is only going to lead me down a path I don't want to go down.  

I'm hoping to start feeling better soon, meaning that I can get out and exercise and eat a little bit better and in turn feel better about myself.  I just do not want to end up overeating/purging after this baby comes.  My goal is just to be as healthy as I can and stick with it.  I will not give up, I will not go back to bad habits and if I end up being a size or two bigger after this baby I need to be okay with that.  After all, my size/weight is NOT what matters!  This beautiful amazing life that God has given me is what matters and I want to do everything in my power to treat it as so (my life and my children's lives).  So, here goes!  

Here is a picture of me at 12.5 weeks pregnant.  I'm getting pretty round.