Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is the media's problem?!

First, an update.  So, I'm 22.5 weeks pregnant now.  :)  Over halfway there.  My belly is growing, as well as other places I won't mention.  I'm doing well, baby GIRL (that's right, *buys all the pink because I can*) is doing great and we're trucking along.  I feel her kicking, squirming, pushing and prodding everyday.  It's such an amazing feeling and I am so blessed and thankful that I get this opportunity o feel a LIFE growing inside me.  I won't lie.  I have been freaking out a bit about the 15 lbs I have gained so far and am already worried about the "after" part when I have no baby in my belly, just the extra weight.  But, right now I am focusing on what a little miracle our sweet baby girl is and enjoying this pregnancy and reminding myself that I'm going to gain weight, and it's okay!  Here I am at 22.5 weeks pregnant...

Now you have the update on to my rant.  Today I saw something that really got me fuming.  Via twitter, I saw this link  It is the magazine cover of Jessica Simpson, posing nude while 7 or 8 months pregnant.  There is a cardboard sign over the picture saying, Do not Remove.  
*deep breath* I am really hoping this blog comes across the way I want it to and not as some hormonal pregnant woman ranting.... here goes;

Here is my problem with that.  Why in the world are my husband, my boys, and myself subjected to pictures of girls running around in barely there bikinis everywhere we turn, or barely fuzzed out pictures of private areas via magazines, commercials, books, etc, yet THIS is the magazine they decide to cover up?  I realize she is nude (tho all you see is side breast), which come on, I have seen (not intentionally) a lot of celebrity side breast or crack just in the store or on the beach, or wherever I go, but that is never covered. 

I am not saying women should/shouldn't pose nude on any covers, at anytime, that is their choice, not mine.  However, I try to desperately to keep my boys attention elsewhere while we are in line at the store.  I just feel like they chose to cover this up because she is not some skinny minnie size 0 model showing off her "goods".  I mean come on, who wants to see a pregnant lady posing in the nude?  Gross... (right? I mean it appears as though that is what they are trying to get across).  Instead of "Look at this amazing woman who is growing another human being inside of her, isn't she beautiful?!".  No, it's apparently shameful for Jessica Simpson to want to show off her gorgeous pregnant body.  And wait a minute, I know she is not the first celebrity to do this...where were all the cardboard cover ups then?  I remember being 6 or 7 years old and seeing Demi Moore's pregnant naked body on a magazine cover in my local grocery store, and um, it wasn't covered up by anything, but was right there in front of the check out lane.  

I just cannot stand the double standard.  So, apparently it's okay to show off your naked body as long as people can find you attractive, but not okay if you're pregnant or even over weight?  *Screams*  I don't speak out about this too often, but this is it.  Seriously.  I have my own issues with my own body image (as most of you already know), and this kind of stuff doesn't help me at all, especially since I'm pregnant right now!  I have days where I love my pregnant body, and days where I want to cry, but you know what, I think that's normal.  I'm choosing to focus on this incredible baby inside me, whom I cannot wait to meet, and just being as healthy as I can.  And if Jessica Simpson wants to eat a freaking buttered pop tart, then she can have a buttered pop tart!  Leave the girl alone!  And not that she would ever read this, but I just wanted to say- Jessica Simpson, I think you look absolutely gorgeous and I am so proud of you for stepping out and being proud of your pregnant body.  And for embracing the fact that you are not just a size 2 with a basketball for a belly (and that's fine, too!), but that you are pregnant, and yes you've gained weight, but you are SUPPOSED to!  Gah, why are we always hearing about how much weight a celebrity gained during their pregnancy and how quickly they lost it after losing the baby.  I sincerely hope the media leaves her alone and lets her enjoy the rest of her pregnancy and allows her to enjoy this precious new life God has given to her!  

Here are a couple more links to sites that are just being ridiculous.  Just because a woman only gains 25 lbs during pregnancy, doesn't mean she's being healthy! Come on people...and when did people become so concerned about how much weight celebrities gain during pregnancy? 

Hopefully that all came across as I wanted it to.  Bottom line, if you're going to cover up one magazine cover, at least cover THEM ALL!!!